Gatersleben, part of the city Stadt Seeland, is located in the middle of Germany in the State Saxony-Anhalt. It is situated in one of the most fertile landscapes in Germany near the Magdeburger Börde. Gatersleben is only 10 km away from Quedlinburg, the cradle of the German seed breeding. 

There are favourable climatic conditions because it is situated at the lee side in the rain „shadow“ of the Harz mountains. So, together with the soils with high harvesting capacity in Gatersleben are perfect conditions for agriculture and modern plant breeding.

The airports Leipzig, Hannover and Berlin can be reached by train or car within one or two hours. A private airfield is only twenty minutes away from Gatersleben. The highway B 6n connects Gatersleben with the greater cities in the surrounding and with the German freeways A 7 and 
A 14.